The Historical Video Game Landscape of Saucer Tennis

Saucer Tennis Video Game Featuring You? Coming 2025

You might be surprised to learn that Saucer Tennis has been immortalized in e-Sport history at least twice successfully. First was the coin op & NeoGeo version called, Windjammers. Then in 2017 as the Sony Playstation 4 title, Disc Jam by High Horse Entertainment. Both games produced enjoyable experiences for E-sport players.

Next year an accurate, fun filled game of the real world, Saucer Tennis will enter the production pipeline for a 2025 release. Many registered real world players and teams will have a opportunity to be included within the game Unreal Engine developed title. 

Details to be released April 2024.

Screens From Saucer Tennis 2025

We are in full pre production mode working with our coders, artist, Unreal Engine pros and voice talent for the upcoming Saucer Tennis Worldwide Challenge Tournament  e-sport, online and offline game coming to your console, PC or mobile device in 2025..  More details on how you and your team can appear within the game will be available in April 2025.

Here are a few sneak peaks from Level Two. Speedy Action at the City Park.