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When you register your Saucer Tennis TM  Team TM  you will have access  to a growing library of media to help you develop your team. All media material presented is the Copyright protected property of Saucer Tennis 1976 TM

Sport Not Drugs 

There is a unmet  growing need to offer the youth of the world alternative activities that bring them together in wholesome sport competitions. The Saucer Tennis 2023-24 Sport Not Drugs campaign is such an activity. 

Visual Novel 

The Saucer Tennis TM  Training to Win, visual novel will be available  August 01, the 43rd Anniversary of the first Saucer Tennis rulebook being copyright protected in the United States. Here is a preview.

Coaches Corner

There are 100 times as many ways to coach a team as there are sports. Saucer Tennis has some basic activities that offer coaches the ability to build upon the basics to tailor strategy with the talent on the team.