Learn How To Play Saucer Tennis 

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Learn the Lingo

We always put our focus on our customers. We want you to be able to fully understand what is happening during all aspect of Saucer Tennis play. To become accomplished in Saucer Tennis culture you can use our handy playing terms directory where you can quickly find the right words for that  occasion you find yourself experiencing. It is a fun way to learn to be Saucer Tennis savvy..

The Referee is your Friend.

Perhaps no other person on a Saucer Tennis court holds more importance to the successful competition of a ST Tournament than the officials controlling the game action. There are a few things you can do to make sure your referee knows what you expect of them and they will tell you what is expected of you and the team you are proud to wear the colors for.


From the proper entrance of scoring in the game record to learning new techniques of catching, passing and throwing the disc you will realize the better trained you are the more likely you are to have a fun filled, exciting and  successful experience on the Saucer Tennis court.

Spectator Experience

The spectator experience is dependant on many factors,. One of those factors is the design of your team logo, uniform design and disc splash screen. You want your fans to enjoy their experience at your event and to connect with you their team in various ways. Having a great uniform design. is very important.

Saucer Tennis Modes of Play

There are four modes of Saucer Tennis play. Singles 1x1, Doubles 2X2, Triples 3X3, and the super exciting Four By Four, 4X4. Each mode of play has a style and flow all its own, learning the tricks that can make your team great is important. It comes with practice and scheduling  training  with certified Saucer Tennis guru.

Fair Prices

There are many, many sports competing for your attention. Almost all sport want to become your go to sport. Saucer Tennis looks at things a bit different. Being a disc sport our goal is to become your go to second sport before you decide we are your first sport.  One way we can do that is to offer fair prices.