Saucer Tennis Sport Not Drugs 2023-24

Involvement in Sport enhances your life.

Saucer Tennis “Sport Not Drugs, ” 2023-24 campaign is a plea for those who are seeking a way to a  healthy lifestyle to accept our offer of a sport pack consisting or 1 sport disc, a Saucer Tennis, scorecard, and a copy of 2023 Saucer Tennis playing guide. Those who agree to stay drug free while engaging in the sport Saucer Tennis will also be offered a $50 discount on the purchase of a Saucer Tennis Speed or Tournament court combo assembly. You must agree to live drug abuse free during your time engaging in sport to be eligible or the Saucer Tennis sport pack. Visit the Saucer Tennis SND form page for more details.



Americans have lost close to 1 million family members or friends since 2018. The cause of that death toll is greed, a foreign government attack on the US, and Washington DC failure to secure the southern border. The method used to destroy US family life is cheaply manufactured and very deadly Fentanyl. Now those wishing to kill American have changed tactics and begun placing spiked pills within prescribed drugs purchased at the pharmacies through out the US.



There are several great organizations tasked with helping to eradicate Fentanyl abuse, here are two.


At the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, we take all drugs, especially fentanyl, incredibly seriously which is why we have equipped all of our deputies with Narcan and also have our Behavioral Health Intervention Team respond to anyone who has overdosed to make sure they are connected to resources. Our Major Crimes Unit investigate overdose deaths and file criminal charges against dealers, when they can be identified.


Local Police and Sheriff departments want to stop Fentanyl killing their citizens. The policy for our county in Florida reflects Sheriff departments everywhere. It would be great if citizens everywhere could donate Naloxon a safe, legal medication that can reverse an opioid overdose at the ready to local Police Departments as well as County Sheriff Departments.